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Breakaway Lifter Station

Z Axis System for Plasma Torches

The Kyndill Breakaway Lifter Station is a motor driven plasma torch mount that is designed to keep a perfect cut throughout the process. The built in features are proven to increase your plasma torch's consumable life and improve overall cut quality.

Breakaway Lifter Station Features

  • Breakaway Design for Torch Tip Protection
  • Shielded Sides & Front
  • Easily Maintained
  • 5” Carriage Stroke
  • Adjusts to Fit 1.5" to 2.25" Torch
  • Magnetic Break-Away Carriage with Read Switch Break Sensor
  • Multiple Z-axis Mounting Options
  • Up to 4 Mountable Z-axis Height Positions

When included in the Kyndill Kit, the breakaway lifter station includes the motor and wiring needed to integrate into your new or existing CNC plasma cutting system.

Lifter Station 1 Lifter Station 4

Stand-Alone Breakaway Lifter Station

Z-Axis Breakaway System for Torch Height Control

A simple to connect breakaway lifter station that can easily be added to your CNC table.

The stand-alone unit includes all the features listed above and is built to the following specs:

  • Right Hand 3/8" Lead Screw .375" Pitch
  • Beam Coupling, .25" Bore Diameter for Motor
  • NEMA 23 Frame Motor Mount Bracket

The Kyndill Breakaway Lifter Station includes a 50' breakaway cable and the mounting componenets needed to integrate the z-axis with your CNC plasma system.

Breakaway Lifter Station

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The Kyndill Controller is a complete kit that includes the torch height controller, lifter station, cables, and all mounting components.

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