Torch Controller Cover

Automatic Torch Height Controller

Height Control for Plasma Torches

The Kyndill Automatic Torch Height Controller (ATHC) reduces cycle times and incorporates many features that makes it the ideal solution for heavy duty industrial applications. The ATHC is also perfect for smaller systems and hobbyists.

ATHC Features

  • Digital Control Screen with Brightness/Contrast Settings
  • Easy-To-Use 4 Button Panel
  • "CUT On" LED Indicator
  • Switchable Power Supply (115V to 240V)
  • Two Way Communications Between CNC Controller and Plasma Cutter
  • Easy Plug and Play Between Controller and Lifter Station
  • Each ATHC Comes with Setup Guide and Key Combination Guides That Attach to Side of Enclosure

ATHC Connections

  • Raw Arc Voltage
  • Motor Connection
  • Voltage ±
  • Torch, Pierce, Fault
  • Corner ±
  • OK to Move ±
  • Start ±
Controller Front
Button Close Up
Controller Back

Arc Voltage Height Control

Continuously Monitored, Real-time Cut Adjustments

The Kyndill Controller is loaded with features designed to make a perfect cut every time with your plasma torch. The controller continuously monitors process making adjustments during the cut process assuring a perfect cut. In the event of a torch malfunction the CNC motions are automatically halted saving time and minimizing wasted cut material.

ATHC Operational Features

  • Real-time Cut Adjustments
  • Quick Cycle Time Between Pierces
  • Quick Response to Material Changes (30 ms)
  • Independent Settings of the Pierce and Initial Cut Height (.01" Resolution)
  • Timed Pierce Control (0.1 sec Resolution)
  • Save up to 3 Custom Profiles
  • User Defined Retract Position
  • Compatible with "OK to Move" Commands

Adjustable Settings

  • Auto Sense Low/High Limit
  • Auto Sense Time
  • Auto Voltage Sensing
  • Use "OK to Move"
  • Use Pierce Complete
  • Sensing Delay
  • Touch Torque/Speed
  • Retract Position
  • Home Torque
  • Use Adaptive Pierce (%)
  • Set Jog/Manual Speed (%)

Buy a Kyndill System


The Kyndill Controller is a complete kit that includes the torch height controller, lifter station, cables, and all mounting components.

Controller Compatibility

The torch height controller can be easily connect to both new and exisiting systems. Three main connections are needed to communicate between the controller, your CNC system and the breakaway lifter station.

  • Raw Arc Voltage
  • Torch Signal
  • Start Signal for Relay

Kyndill Resources

Kyndill Operation Manual

The Kyndill Control User Manual includes detailed connection and setup instructions along with maintenance tips.

Science of Plasma Cutting

Prior to making your first cut with the Kyndill Controller it is best to understand the science of how a plasma torch works.

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