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About Kyndill Controller

Kyndill Controller is a product of ONExia Inc. Kyndill takes our 25 years of machine automation motion control expertise and applies it to the plasma torch cutting industry. The simple connectability to CNC and rugged design make it simple for hobbyists and durable for professionals running a system full-time.

What's a Kyndill?

Kyndill is an Icelandic word that means torch. Simply put we liked the word and went with it.

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Where is Kyndill?

Although our name is Icelandic our company is located in Exton, PA. All of our controllers and lifter stations are designed, machined, and built in our facility. We take pride in our products being designed and built in the USA.

Why a Kyndill?

Our automatic torch height contoller and breakaway lifter station can be connected and mounted to almost any plasma torch gantry system. This allows current and new users to add or replace automatic torch height control quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

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About ONExia Inc.

ONExia Inc. is an automation component distributor and custom machine builder based in Exton, PA. Our specialization in motion control and precision positioning has given us the ability to design products for industry specific applications. Aside from our Kyndill Controller product line we also design and manufacture industrial robots and tooling for the aerospace industry.

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